Tag: <span>Ink</span>

Claire FanjulFrance

Caroline Carlsmith intricate ink drawing
Caroline Carlsmith, Jericho Labyrinth III, ink on paper, 58 x 73 cm, 2016
Source : carolinecarlsmith.com

Caroline CarlsmithU.S.

Intricate detailed drawing of Alex Konahin
Alex Konahin, Light, Dip pen and black ink on paper, 30 x 30 cm, 2010
Source : 4rtgallery.blogspot.com

Alex KonahinLatvia

Damien MichaelsAustralia

Detailed abstract drawing of Chris Neate
Chris Neate, Through Oceans of Light, ink on board
Source : outsidein.org.uk

Chris NeateU.K.

Detailed ink drawing of Jean-Pierre Nadau
Jean-Pierre Nadau, Hommage, dessin à la plume Sergent Major sur toile plastifiée, 148 x 100 cm
Source : galeriedumarche.ch

Jean-Pierre NadauFrance

Marc Lamy detailed ink drawing
Marc Lamy, Untitled, , ink on paper, 66 x 50 cm, 2002
Source : edlingallery.com

Marc LamyFrance

Hiroyuki DoiJapan

Abstract detailed ink drawing on paper. Outsider art.
Raphael Lonné, Sans titre, ink on paper, 27 x 19 cm, 1970
Source : christianberst.com

Raphael LonnéFrance

Jérôme MinardFrance